orange explosion - created by spygirl1978

orange explosion
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credits to:

violet dragon
by ~ImpalaStock at


Tawhak Rider Pack 7
by *mizzd-stock at

Background was made using one of my old pxleyes entries......

(5 years and 818 days ago)

2 Sources:

peacock watch - created by spygirl1978

peacock watch
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source only used..... (5 years and 876 days ago)

hummingbird - created by spygirl1978

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inspiration for hummingbird from: Stock 218
by ~sophia-T @

I used the image as a base to draw out a hummingbird using meged lines and shapes...... (5 years and 853 days ago)

1 Source:

tribal elephant god - created by spygirl1978

tribal elephant god
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i did this a while ago when i was practicing's a tribal inspired creation based on the Indian God Ganesh....I made it using basic waped and liquified shapes....will upload SBS but it's pretty long so..... (5 years and 856 days ago)

fairy tree-houses - created by spygirl1978

fairy tree-houses
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***I had to change my background grass texture, the new source is listed below as #2*****

Not as long a source list as I thought:

"Fairy Tunes" by ~atistatplay at

"Grass " by DaveNeukirch on Flickr:

"Carnivorous" by ~super-chicken-stock at

"Plant 1 PNG" by *Sammykaye1sStamps at

"Plant 2 PNG" by *Sammykaye1sStamps at

"Plant Parts 2" by ~ssumenona at

"Fairy Taxi Stock 4" by *Shoofly-Stock at

"Miscellaneous Objects 23" by *unholy-stock at

****made some minor adjustments upon suggestion; changed color tones slightly and incorporated new wings for the fairy*****

Wing Source: "Wild Autumn Fairy 4" by *mizzd-stock at (5 years and 1514 days ago)

9 Sources:

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