The Niche - created by sparklen

The Niche
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This idea came out of the blue! Just finding the right image, thanks to PXL stock, made it happen rather quickly. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
The only sources used were the contest image and the stock image. See SBS . (5 years and 2365 days ago)

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Stairway to Heaven - created by sparklen

Stairway to Heaven
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When I saw this source image I knew what I wanted to do right away! I used the source and a stock picture (thanks zambyoo7!) along with brushes and the eraser to create my image.

At last!! A finished SBS! (5 years and 2348 days ago)

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HEY GUYS! - created by sparklen

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The source was used along with brushes to create "HEY GUYS!"
After removing Churchills head, I drew his head in PS on a seperate canvas and fit it into place. The rest of it was made with stamps.

Due to copyright concerns, I have made changes to the original drawing. Hope you like this one as well! (5 years and 2379 days ago)

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Tribal Pride - created by sparklen

Tribal Pride
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This was an easy one for me...I do this work every day as a photographic portrait retouch artist. THAT is my job....THIS is my fun!
The only sources I used were the contest photo and a background that I made. The rest is "skill and technique".
Some have suggested a background change (one of my own making) which I did and liked it better! Thanks for the critique! (5 years and 2457 days ago)

Happy Man...Sad Man - created by sparklen

Happy Man...Sad Man
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This is my photo of my son. I used the liquify tool to give the sad expression and painted a teardrop on his cheek. (5 years and 2385 days ago)

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