Steampunk Rendevous - created by rturnbow

Steampunk Rendevous
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Please have a look at the hi-res for details.

Resources continued:
Gun: Thanks to Angie Andriot

Choker: Thanks to mantisred

Glove: Thanks to gtrwndr87

Belt buckle: Thanks to rain2shine

Coil spring mesh: Thanks to NitroDad

Chickenpox back: Thanks to F malan

Needle holster: Thanks to Ever falling

(5 years and 600 days ago)

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Got Him! - created by rturnbow

Got Him!
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(5 years and 618 days ago)

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Vintage Leaded - created by rturnbow

Vintage Leaded
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(5 years and 605 days ago)

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Werekitty - created by rturnbow

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(5 years and 591 days ago)

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Hanging up the suit - created by rturnbow

Hanging up the suit
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Pressing the suit before hanging it up for good. (5 years and 502 days ago)

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