A Work in Progress: Werekitty

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Original cat shot

Creation of Werekitty: Step 1
( hi-res )

step 2 of 10

- Change eye color to yellow with select and hue change
- Modify cat pupil to smaller round blacker pupil with clone tool, reflection dot added with white brush
- Add orange halo around pupil with soft brush and use smear to drag parts outwards
- Select and color outer and lower eye portion with hue tool
- Darken around eye fur

Creation of Werekitty: Step 2
( hi-res )

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Drop the eyelids a bit by selecting and copying the portion above the eye then enlarging and smoothing with a soft opaque eraser.

Creation of Werekitty: Step 3
( hi-res )

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- Copy and paste ears, then enlarge and warp each to a longer size.
- Use small soft brush with smear tool to add wisps of hair on the ear tips and sides

Creation of Werekitty: Step 4
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step 5 of 10

Wolf puppet source for mouth and nose, selected enough of the fure to blend in with the cat

Creation of Werekitty: Step 5
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Mouth and nose blended in and whiskers added with pen tool and stroke.

Creation of Werekitty: Step 6
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step 7 of 10

Eagle talons used for claws, grabbed the talon with a profile view and extruded to 3D so I could change the position as needed for all claws

Creation of Werekitty: Step 7
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step 8 of 10

Positioned all 3D claws, then rendered, added noise and Gaussian blurred slightly

Erased some of the claw ends to blend in with the fur using a straight line tapered brush made from scratch

Creation of Werekitty: Step 8
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Source for skin scrapes

Creation of Werekitty: Step 9
( hi-res )

step 10 of 10

Selected the inside (pink) portion of the source sore and used the refine selection to feather the selection to blend in with the cat fur. Cloned the sore and moved it to another position and erased part of it to look like a new patch of scraped skin.

Imported to PS Lightroom for final coloring and shading.

Creation of Werekitty: Step 10
( hi-res )

Final result

Creation of Werekitty: Final Result

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