Cold October - created by pingenvy

Cold October
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This was a challenge, as I have no drawing pad, so as a lefty, I drew it with the mouse & my right hand. Really makes me appreciate pencils. :)
This scene is totally from my head. there are no references. (5 years and 2234 days ago)

Panther at the Steppes - created by pingenvy

Panther at the Steppes
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Thanks to Marxchivist for the tank. Steppes reference came from ru.wikipedia
(Original text : Собственная работа). Thanks to ROG5728 for the muzzle flash and to kim traynor for the castle pic.
(5 years and 1000 days ago)

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Desert Anomaly - created by pingenvy

Desert Anomaly
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Thanks for creative commons useage from Washington & Jefferson College >>>>>>

and from john curley>>>>
(5 years and 1548 days ago)

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Too Close - created by pingenvy

Too Close
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The girl and both texture photos are mine. The rock structure was drawn with the mouse. The biggest challenge with that is being left-handed. ;-) (5 years and 1508 days ago)

Liliputian Recluse - created by pingenvy

Liliputian Recluse
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I liked the idea of a tiny dwelling on the water. The man is from my photos. The canoe is public domain. Thanks to knubie via stock exchange for the hut, and thanks to Aka via wikimedia commons for the dragonfly (5 years and 2286 days ago)

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