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Make a square canvas with a grey background and create an image using dodge, burn, and smudge tools only. You can only use these tools, but it is allowed to use external references to base your work on. If you do, don't forget to mention them in your sources or SBS guide! Take some intermediate screenshots to show the progress of your work. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: blaine2nd

scratzilla1: this should be great. ( 5 years and 2988 days ago )
RayTedwell: This is getting pretty close to being a drawing contest - looking forward to seeing what people come up with though... ( 5 years and 2988 days ago )
annabat: Question: so this is basically a greyscale piece? dodging and burning on the grey backgroung? and does it HAVE to be perfectly square? ( 5 years and 2988 days ago )
scratzilla1: yes , i agree with your RayTedwell, One could put it into digital drawing area.. seems it is no tracing etc. reference only. Annabat.. yes grey scale image. light and shade from DODGE AND BURN ONLY. . sorry not sure on the purfectly square issue. ( 5 years and 2988 days ago )
scratzilla1: can you use multi layers? layer blend mode? OR is it ONE layer only? ( 5 years and 2988 days ago )
freejay: Scratchzilla, I wish the goal description said no tracing allowed, because i can see thats whats going to happen ( 5 years and 2988 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Dodge and burn only huh.... Hmmm... ( 5 years and 2988 days ago )
scratzilla1: freejay,, dont think tracing will happen because you can not use pentool. if one traced you would get hard edges when dodge /burn. ... unless i am wrong ( 5 years and 2988 days ago )
blaine2nd: Don't forget smudge. ( 5 years and 2987 days ago )
jawshoewhah: So if I can only use Dodge and Burn to create this, can I use all the brushes it comes with? ( 5 years and 2987 days ago )
Clinge: I started something, but it certainly ain't easy ( 5 years and 2986 days ago )
closedeyes: this contest is certainly turning out to be interresting with each entry... ( 5 years and 2985 days ago )
Brandon: There are already some amazing entries - BUT - this should have been in the drawing contest section with out a doubt!! ( 5 years and 2985 days ago )
Keiley22: there are plenty of other contests too choose from... this is made only with photoshop, so i dont know how you can say it shouldn't be here. There is no actual drawing allowed from what i have interpreted.. hence no drawing lmao... geeesh the silly little things we worry about on here ( 5 years and 2985 days ago )
RayTedwell: I was a little sceptical of this contest, I mean how good could an image be from doge/burn alone?? Holy crap have I been pleasantly surprised - these are amazing! ( 5 years and 2984 days ago )
Nator: Excellent results in this far ( 5 years and 2984 days ago )
JEN750: Can't enter this, cos I can't draw. ( 5 years and 2984 days ago )
Nator: This contest will reveal the people who can draw and who can't draw . ( 5 years and 2983 days ago )
scratzilla1: yrep i agree..... this is an awsome contest... I made 2 entries... however i cound not get the structure right.... using simple brushes .... hats off to all entries are awsome. ( 5 years and 2983 days ago )
nishagandhi: AMAZING ENTRIES TILL NOW!!! REALLY ENJOYING EVVERY ENTRY HERE ( 5 years and 2983 days ago )
alexstephen: I think this contest should not have any 1st place or last place....Its so beautiful to see art like this...Very nice contest blaine2nd...I dont know whether we would have got such fantastic results if it was a drawing contest....I still have my doubts about usage of pen tools and other way to find out when I vote...anyways....whatever tools they have used....its all done well...full marks to all participants....I definetely didnt/cannot participate Great work all the participants...Keep it up ( 5 years and 2983 days ago )
alexstephen: I really cant vote for this conest lol...I truely feel all are winners ( 5 years and 2983 days ago )
nasirkhan: Many many great entries, congrats to all participants. Really like them. ( 5 years and 2982 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I'm absolutely blown away by what one can accomplish with just burn and dodge. ( 5 years and 2980 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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The band - created by krigios

The band
Favs: 14SBS: 8Hi-resRank: 1/22Score: 74.1% (45)15946 views

Burn, dodge and smudge tools only. No reference used. (5 years and 2985 days ago)

dreams of asia - created by yahidithmonnalisa

dreams of asia
Favs: 15SBS: 23Hi-resRank: 2/22Score: 71.4% (37)18109 views

took me 5hrs+ with a mouse... drew the sketch from scratch, right on the canvas. (5 years and 2986 days ago)

puppy eyes - created by scratzilla1

puppy eyes
Favs: 8SBS: 3Hi-resRank: 3/22Score: 69.5% (30)14547 views

(5 years and 2982 days ago)

Cold October - created by pingenvy

Cold October
Favs: 11SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 4/22Score: 69% (25)14187 views

This was a challenge, as I have no drawing pad, so as a lefty, I drew it with the mouse & my right hand. Really makes me appreciate pencils. :)
This scene is totally from my head. there are no references. (5 years and 2983 days ago)

Old Man Thinking... - created by Clinge

Old Man Thinking...
Favs: 7SBS: 16Hi-resRank: 5/22Score: 66.5% (17)19134 views

Looks like i found my new hobby :-) (5 years and 2981 days ago)

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