humming bulb - created by minimonst100

humming bulb
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when bulbs make a sound it really annoys me, this one never stops :)
thanks owners of sources (5 years and 3340 days ago)

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Mc Shakespeare - created by minimonst100

Mc Shakespeare
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if shakespeare was reborn would he do rap?

its suprisingly hard to get a picture of shakespeare

thanks cmyk for shakespeare photo info :) (5 years and 3390 days ago)

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melting gutarist - created by minimonst100

melting gutarist
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made the term "face melting guitar playing" literal (5 years and 3397 days ago)

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sandy - created by minimonst100

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cut and paste, hue and saturation. not to comlicated but not that good of a result (5 years and 3382 days ago)

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the owl and the mouse - created by minimonst100

the owl and the mouse
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copy and paste and some other smaller techniques
and i moved the eyes (5 years and 3368 days ago)

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