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Free Nature Picture

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Over the years, people have thought of light bulbs as the symbol for great ideas, but where did that original though come from? What if.. the actual ideas were INSIDE the light bulb? Your task is to put something creative and fun, inside a light bulb, such as animals or plants. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: ponti55

lilz777: haha, this should be easy. ( 5 years and 2983 days ago )
OliviasArts: not really lilz777, thinking up something totally unique and then fitting it in a tiny little lightbulb while not losing any of the lightbulb to the image Do you ever look at those ships in the glass and think how the hell they get that in there lol, thats what im gonna be looking at ( 5 years and 2983 days ago )
sparklen: Great suggestion ponti55...should be fun! ( 5 years and 2981 days ago )
ponti55: Thanks! Good luck everyone, already seeing some good entries! ( 5 years and 2981 days ago )
Christy: What a great contest idea!! We should see some really creative "ideas"....LOL ( 5 years and 2981 days ago )
scratzilla1: so many good entries... ( 5 years and 2981 days ago )
kyluvlee: to OliviasArts...the ships are built to fold down, then put in the bottle and a tool is used to stand them is very unique to watch someone do one!! ( 5 years and 2975 days ago )

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Free Nature - created by EvanMugford

Free Nature
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This is a resubmission, redone with new water source.

Hope you all enjoy it, I had a great time creating it, and am really happy with the results! (5 years and 2979 days ago)

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A Green Idea - created by Jimmis

A Green Idea
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A truly green idea ;-) It was a lot of fun doing this one!

Please view the high-res!

Edit: Took some advice on the highlights and shadows. Also gave the image more of a surreal/hdr look.

Edit Edit: Adjusted shading some more, as well as adding a slight reflection to the bulb. Thanks for all your suggestions! (5 years and 2982 days ago)

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gadget idea - created by mariosilva

gadget idea
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(5 years and 2979 days ago)

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Snack Time - created by spero4

Snack Time
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[ please view High Resolution to see all details ] (5 years and 2977 days ago)

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humming bulb - created by minimonst100

humming bulb
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when bulbs make a sound it really annoys me, this one never stops :)
thanks owners of sources (5 years and 2982 days ago)

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