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Since all of us on PST (PXLEyes) feel like we're reborn, we were inspired to create a contest where your goal is to fit in a character from a past life into modern era. A cave man in new york, a knight templar in the vatican and even yourself in the future... prepare your mouse and let's get it on!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

Giggles: I don't have a mouse...does that mean I can't participate?LOL ( 5 years and 3038 days ago )
OliviasArts: lol@giggles (hmm thats was weird to say) nice contest idea ( 5 years and 3038 days ago )
nasirkhan: Very nice idea, like it. ( 5 years and 3038 days ago )
Mike: I suggested this one... it's weird that i'm not mentioned there lol anyway it's a nice contest idea to me ( 5 years and 3036 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Aint no horse pullin that Wagn - created by pingenvy

Aint no horse pullin that Wagn
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The pioneer is my photo form a buckskinner's rendezvous. Tractor is thanks to >>>some bo via >>> (5 years and 3034 days ago)

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Past meets present. - created by Digitalheavens

Past meets present.
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A past life meets a new life.
All images photographed by me. (5 years and 3034 days ago)

what happened..? - created by elficho

what happened..?
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He took a wrong turn once.. Never was the same again.
This was fun (5 years and 3034 days ago)

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No! Nooooo!!! - created by elficho

No! Nooooo!!!
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I wanted to create a weird situation.. Pasting the guy together was hard :) I hope you like it! (5 years and 3032 days ago)

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Mc Shakespeare - created by minimonst100

Mc Shakespeare
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if shakespeare was reborn would he do rap?

its suprisingly hard to get a picture of shakespeare

thanks cmyk for shakespeare photo info :) (5 years and 3031 days ago)

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