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Select 2 or more different animals that are naturally enemies (Eg: cat and dog) and make them look like close friends.
Make your image as realistic and believable as possible! Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: gopankarichal

GolemAura: oh my..hehehe what I'm thinking right now LOL ( 5 years and 2912 days ago )
anatole: realistic... humorous also ok? ( 5 years and 2912 days ago )
Stoli4naq: naturally enemies huh.. that would be me and my school literature teachure - thank God I have no pictures of th.. *cough* of him :p ( 5 years and 2912 days ago )
Stoli4naq: ..teachure is teacher hehe (should read before posting next time ) ( 5 years and 2912 days ago )
pixelkid: There are many entries here that are great and cute, but they don't follow the guidelines above about being realistic and believable as possible... ( 5 years and 2906 days ago )
fille: naturally enemies ehh? competition is inside species - cat and dog are not naturally enemies, so are not lion and sheep. biggest enemy for lion is in nature second lion. or human being... ( 5 years and 2904 days ago )
orientallad: good point Fille ( 5 years and 2903 days ago )

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Truce - created by IDt8r

Favs: 15SBS: 11Hi-resRank: 1/14Score: 63.9% (35)19244 views

(5 years and 2911 days ago)

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Fish and Bait - created by orientallad

Fish and Bait
Favs: 7SBS: 18Hi-resRank: 2/14Score: 61.4% (30)21341 views

Fishes stopped eating worms, worms stopped being bait, they became friends and lived happily ever after.

This is one of my old entries i uploaded in this theme contest on old PST, i made some adjustments and uploaded it again.

Only photoshop. (5 years and 2906 days ago)

Sealed Friendship - created by pixelkid

Sealed Friendship
Favs: 3SBS: 11Hi-resRank: 3/14Score: 59.9% (25)25043 views

Too sweet to eat! Seal thinks this one's a keeper! Source links noted. Thanks to tome213 for seal and xianstudio for penguin. Basic lighting adjustments and blending. EDIT: Cropped and fixed edges per suggestions. Thanks! (5 years and 2911 days ago)

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in love - created by elficho

in love
Favs: 2SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 4/14Score: 59.8% (20)18352 views

L: look, i'm so sorry about your cousin.. i wasn't myself the other day..
Z: it's ok baby.. there, there (5 years and 2911 days ago)

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Bad Influence - created by philister

Bad Influence
Favs: 2SBS: 9Hi-resRank: 5/14Score: 58.1% (15)20326 views

This idea just popped into my head after thinking about this contest for a little while...
Ever wonder what would happen if dolphins started making friends with sharks?

Please check out the high res! (5 years and 2907 days ago)

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