Skeletons (band) - created by mdali2020

Skeletons (band)
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Skeletons are an American Band from Oberlin, Ohio.

About them:

background is created by me in ps cs3 (5 years and 2063 days ago)

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Alone - created by mdali2020

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Thks devdemoncherrystock
for the stock image

Just a try (5 years and 2053 days ago)

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Frozen horse - created by mdali2020

Frozen horse
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Simple one

Thanks Robmania for the wonderful stock

source included
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Save Elephants - created by mdali2020

Save Elephants
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Iam posting after a very long time, This is just an 'Campaign poster' idea.

Thanks for the sources.

1. andreyutzu
2. OeilDeNuit
3. abcdz2000
from (5 years and 1996 days ago)

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Rock star - created by mdali2020

Rock star
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A small effect..................

Pls put your valuable comments


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