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Up..up..and away... Picture

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Suggested by: robvdn

robvdn: Just a hint to everyone who wants to chop this image: there's 2 elephants in this photo, there's one partly hiding behind the elephant in front. You can chop out the extra hump at the back ( 5 years and 2523 days ago )
nishagandhi: I was wondering why this elephant looks different Rob lol thanks for the information ( 5 years and 2523 days ago )
DigitalPro: why the elephant in the back dosen't have any legs? ( 5 years and 2522 days ago )
erikuri: I think it's because of the angle that it is. I suppose it's a little far from the fore elefant (something like a couple of meters) and this one shuts our view. ( 5 years and 2520 days ago )
Contest Moderator: Submission time is now closed, any entry submitted after 2000 hrs GMT November 5 will be removed. ( 5 years and 2517 days ago )

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Up..up..and away... - created by loopyluv

Up..up..and away...
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He always knew that he could fly :)

(5 years and 2521 days ago)

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There's so much to see, son. - created by ponti55

Theres so much to see, son.
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Thanks to Diesel-stock, Wammyp and NightFateStock.

:) (5 years and 2521 days ago)

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When We Think... - created by ponti55

When We Think...
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Thanks to MJRanum, Rushpoint Stock and Polinife-Stock. (5 years and 2523 days ago)

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Origins - created by Lamantine

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murr000 (5 years and 2520 days ago)

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The Royal Hero - created by flyhigh

The Royal Hero
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(5 years and 2519 days ago)

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