The Family - created by madamemonty

The Family
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I left the two shirts white, as I felt that is what they would have been, and the little one is wearing a nappy which would also been white. (5 years and 1313 days ago)

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Dear John... - created by madamemonty

Dear John...
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everything made from scratch, please check sbs (5 years and 1998 days ago)

Grub - created by madamemonty

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My own photo. (5 years and 2675 days ago)

mine..mine..mine... - created by madamemonty

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A reworked old pst entry. Both photos are mine. Please view high res. (5 years and 2288 days ago)

Celtic Knot - created by madamemonty

Celtic Knot
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Years ago I started learning how to draw traditional celtic knots, doing it in photoshop wasn't as easy as I anticipated. I liked the pattern dividing the building, and thought the letters could make a good knot. Only source image used. (5 years and 2755 days ago)

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