Wingless Dragon - created by macarhign

Wingless Dragon
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(5 years and 1579 days ago)

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Miss Phoenix - created by macarhign

Miss Phoenix
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Thanks to the holly week, i got a time to participate again...

Please see SBS and Hi-Res.

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Pxleyes On Tour - created by macarhign

Pxleyes On Tour
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The Fisherman - created by macarhign

The Fisherman
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Image Sources:
11 Underwater Rock

12 Fish Hook

13 Knives

14 Bucket

15 Fishing Net

16 Axe
Thanks to ~TheLadyAmalthea

17 Eel

18 Crab

19 Underwater Fishes

20 Water Ripple Brush

Please see Hi-Res and SBS (5 years and 1601 days ago)

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CONVERSE 1988 SPORTS CAR - created by macarhign

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in the middle of my work on this entry suddenly i got question of this entry
"is this on theme of the contest?"

now, im hoping that this entry will not remove in the contest (5 years and 1801 days ago)

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