High Wire Act - created by elemare

High Wire Act
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*Update: masking of crowd in the foreground has been refined.

*Update #2: a hint of bevel and emboss added to the foreground light bulbs. (See SBS for settings.) (5 years and 1941 days ago)

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Nurse - created by elemare

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Photographer: ~MysteriaViolentStock

(SBS shows wall texture not used in the final) (5 years and 1489 days ago)

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Beauty Lost - created by elemare

Beauty Lost
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Many thanks (and apologies) to DeviantArt photographer AngieStock (angiestock.deviantart.com/) (5 years and 1485 days ago)

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Sleeping Handsome - created by elemare

Sleeping Handsome
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Here's a twist on the usual story of Sleeping Beauty... it's Sleeping Handsome.

After her kiss, they live happily ever after, of course. That part of the fairy tale doesn't ever change.

Many thanks to lockstock, cobweb-stock, frozenstocks, and CAStock for the images. (5 years and 1466 days ago)

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Room with a View... or Two - created by elemare

Room with a View... or Two
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Thanks to Lieven Verbelen for the perfect background.

Special thanks to these photographers for their painstaking work in preparing their stock:

AbsurdWordPreferred for the window, and
JinxMim for the light fixtures, wicker, and garden pieces.

I made the moon by drawing a circle (ellipse tool) filled with white, then using the eraser, set to chalk brush at a low opacity, to create three "craters," varying the brush size each time.

Shadow/color variations for the walls and floor were achieved with Brightness/Contrast adjustment layers. Furniture and object shadows employed some Drop Shadow and mostly black painted layers with low opacity.

Night scene through the window was achieved using a duplicate background layer (using the window as a size guide) set behind the window, applying an Exposure layer mask, and painting selective light back in. Glass panes are white rectangles set to low opacity.

Two color adjustment layers were applied over the entire scene: one with greens made more vibrant, and one with an overall golden brown, set to soft light.

If I missed explaining anything, please just ask. (5 years and 1913 days ago)

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