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Surround Sound - created by skyangel

Surround Sound
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We are always surrounded by sound.
The squiggles on the work represent sound waves.
Tutorials for how to make them are....

The background wall was made from scratch. Use a plain color, grain filter, then craquelure.
The rest is listed in sources. (3 years and 129 days ago)

7 Sources:

avatar Drivenslush

Is everybody invited to the party?

author says:

Of course Ernest. Tune in to the sound waves and you will hear them calling you too.

(3 years and 125 days ago)

avatar madamemonty

Congrats again Angel 1 & 2

avatar George55
George55 says:


author says:

Thank you everyone

avatar demi
demi says:

Congrats 1 and 2

author says:

Thanks Demi

(3 years and 116 days ago)

avatar Drivenslush


avatar Zizounai
Zizounai says:

Congrats for 1, 2, 2, all of them, whaoooo !

avatar spaceranger

Congrats, good week for you Angel!!

author says:

Thank you everyone. You all inspire me.

Howdie stranger!
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Wire Cobra - created by jaskier

Wire Cobra
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(5 years and 1089 days ago)

avatar fatz8016
fatz8016 says:

Wonderful creation author. It looks great. GL

avatar alyssadanielle

ohhhh I like! beautiful piece author! good luck.

author says:

Thanks for Your comments and votes.

Howdie stranger!
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High Wire Act - created by elemare

High Wire Act
Favs: 22SBS: 23Hi-resRank: 1/9Score: 74.5% (45)12242 views

*Update: masking of crowd in the foreground has been refined.

*Update #2: a hint of bevel and emboss added to the foreground light bulbs. (See SBS for settings.) (5 years and 1375 days ago)

1 Source:

avatar Androla
Androla says:

this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

avatar Chalty669
Chalty669 says:

A few masking fixes on the bottom cutouts and this is top notch. Good luck!

EDIT: Looks Good!

avatar Chuck
Chuck says:

Nice Job well done

author says:

Chalty, after a good night's sleep, I see the MESS that foreground crowd was. Ugh! Sorry to inflict the pain on your eyes, all you early viewers, LOL! I did a complete re-do of the foreground crowd, starting with fresh originals rather than trying to repair the "template" crowd, which had already been made smaller once or twice. (Rule I ignored: You can make an element smaller, but you can't resize it bigger again afterwards without pixelation and lost definition... unless it's a smart object, which, of course, this wasn't.) Whew! Thank you, all!

avatar arca
arca says:

Lovely, stunning work beautifully realized! A definite fav for me!!! Your lighting is exceptional!

author says:

Thank you, arca!

avatar spaceranger

This is great, concept to finish! Love the color choices, gives a softness to the image!

no avatar
nacho124 says:

very very niceeee!!!

avatar marifre
marifre says:

Simply perfect! A show!

avatar Rod13
Rod13 says:

Fantastic job. Very creative.

avatar greymval
greymval says:

Great work!

avatar priyakamble


avatar DanielaOwergoor


avatar Drivenslush


avatar ramesan
ramesan says:

Great entry....GL!!

avatar nishagandhi

wow great imagination!awesome

avatar Alan2641
Alan2641 says:

donot know what changes as this is my first view -- great work on building the figuire and ropes -- both foreground and background are very well done give noce depth to the overall image -- only one thing is the bulbs seem a bit flat -- glow is there but the bulbs need a touch of something to add some extra dimension

avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

very nice !!!!!!!

avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:

Very nice work.

avatar Majkman
Majkman says:

great work and use of DOF.... well done

avatar hereisanoop

brilliant job

avatar enblanco
enblanco says:

Excelent creative entry, GL!

avatar erathion
erathion says:

Awesome piece of work author...Very well done

avatar CorneliaMladenova


avatar madamemonty

Congrats Elemare, wonderful work

avatar lchappell
lchappell says:

Good One!

avatar bcabilan
bcabilan says:

Congratulation on your 1st place!

avatar DML
DML says:

Amazing!!, great work with lights and DOF!!

avatar spaceranger


author says:

Thank you, everyone!!

avatar SOLARIS

great image. Congrats

avatar Chuck
Chuck says:

Congrats on first place Win

Howdie stranger!
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Clockwork - created by arkncheeze

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Ok steampunk is really visual eye candy stuff... So I kinda find it hard to make eye candy stuff...

I hope I got the steam punk genre here right... Well I know it looks nothing like victorian era here lol...

But now and then it's okay to bend the rule a little :)....

Constructive criticism is welcome... Also only four source used... Smoke brushes by Falln Stock... Gear, plates, wire, rubber band and screws made by me...

Also thanks to Emiliano Spada and Clix...

Watch in Full res... There is also background but it's dark... (5 years and 2069 days ago)

4 Sources:

avatar vladimir735

Cool work! Good Luck

avatar elficho
elficho says:

very good!

avatar Tuckinator


avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:

right on theme.. might want to alter the perfectness of the smoke. the mirror effect is quite identical.. not a bad thing.. but you have plenty of time to alter it if you want too


author says:

Well smoke were made in a hurry... I will be altering it...

Edit: Smoke altered... Hope it's better Golem

Thnxs all and richi too... Well it was suppose to be a flying steam punk head lol...

avatar Richirajd
Richirajd says:

Yo................................Bro....................Finally you finished it............. Did you even sleep last night.................. Anyway...The hard work paid off......Its looking great....don know but feeling that the body is Marks......Man....... See ya............

avatar Richirajd
Richirajd says:

WTF...................... Saw the SBS later.

avatar Siminho90
Siminho90 says:


Howdie stranger!
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