Almost there - created by dustfinger

Almost there
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(5 years and 1155 days ago)

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Hide and Seek - created by dustfinger

Hide and Seek
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All images are my own. The wheather conditions were great for something like this: a very overcast sky so there were no hard shadows. (5 years and 839 days ago)

Goodbye - created by dustfinger

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The additional source, is my own photo (see SBS).

Edited: blurred the edges of the "basket" and added some shade to the lower part of the balloon. (5 years and 2353 days ago)

Airbus - created by dustfinger

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This will have to do for now. I suspect the flu epidemic reached me now as well. (5 years and 1084 days ago)

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Meet & Greet Issue - created by dustfinger

Meet & Greet Issue
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This turned out to take a lot more time than expected, but finally it's here: The November issue of PxlEyes monthly.

Thanks to all PxlEyes members who made this possible.

I didn't use any context entry from othe members, only a lot of avatars and some stock images. (5 years and 2274 days ago)

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