Blood Moon - created by dollmommy

Blood Moon
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Vampires favorite type of moon, this was fun!!!

Edited background.....I think it looks better this way, what does everyone else think. (5 years and 2270 days ago)

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FontFace Portrait. - created by dollmommy

FontFace Portrait.
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A fun font portrait that I created from a photo of a friend that I took. Just having fun. (5 years and 2529 days ago)

Deadman's Cafe Revisited - created by dollmommy

Deadmans Cafe Revisited
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This piece was created for the Restaurant Placement competition. After making the changes in this one, I think it is a better composition (5 years and 1923 days ago)

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Time Flies - created by dollmommy

Time Flies
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Only source image used. Just something I have been messing with. (5 years and 2528 days ago)

SweetTreat - created by dollmommy

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(5 years and 2336 days ago)

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