See, there is life on the moon - created by aworld

See, there is life on the moon
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Please don't use this image for any conspiracy theories!

It's fake! (5 years and 2915 days ago)

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M'am, you dropped something - created by aworld

Mam, you dropped something
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I hope Leonardo doesn't mind ;-)

The source is from Wikipedia. Picture is in the public domain and 2D art is in general free and not protected. At least not were I live. (5 years and 2937 days ago)

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Time is relative - created by aworld

Time is relative
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Some dude said once that time in space is relative. (5 years and 2942 days ago)

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Centrifugal force - created by aworld

Centrifugal force
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An image of my dog I took a couple month ago. He's shaking off the water so hard that even the pixels fly away. (5 years and 2938 days ago)

Pen-ument Valley - created by aworld

Pen-ument Valley
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Famous monument valley a little bit different this time. (5 years and 2942 days ago)

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