21-12-2012 - created by Nickk

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''Water is very rife,
and because of that the origin of life,
but water also causes death,
makes you breath your last breath,
will 2012 be the end,
is that what the maya's ment,
or will everything stay just the same,
and forever will stay, our eternal flame.''

A matte painting of a flood (tsunami) over london.
The time bridge is hit by the wave (5 years and 1435 days ago)

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Beauty of destruction - created by Nickk

Beauty of destruction
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The beauty of a for us incomprehensible power.
The beauty of the unknown.

Be sure check my SBS guide.

No sources used, all done in photoshop CS5. (5 years and 1339 days ago)

The Bright Night - created by Nickk

The Bright Night
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Roses aren't always red,
Skies aren't always blue,
Summers aren't always bright
And nights aren't always dark.

Comments and/or suggestions are appreciated!
*Also watch in HQ*

* Thanks to wyldraven and ba1969 for the photos *

(5 years and 1633 days ago)

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Parro(ca)t - created by Nickk

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A new creature has been created! The parro(ca)t

This one was a lot of work and I hope you guys like the end result!

Final composition was over 30 layers!

Though I haven't got the time anymore to make changes, comments are really much appreciated !

Thanks to papaleguas & semlibeert for the stocks! (5 years and 1776 days ago)

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Pink sights - created by Nickk

Pink sights
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Pink is the sunrise,
pink is the sunset,
pink are the flowers
it's here were you forget,
your trubbles and sadness,
and all worlds madness.

* Comments are really appreciated!
Whether it's by giving tips to improve my work, or by showing that you like it. *

**Though it may be a little difficult to see because of the smooth overlay, the shadows are blue, midtones purple, and highlights pink. (And the black and whites are obvious) **
(5 years and 1511 days ago)

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