Car Parts - created by randy

Car Parts
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some car parts i put together using some cool techniques in 3Ds max 2013 and rendered in keyshot (5 years and 925 days ago)

HD Rims - created by randy

HD Rims
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this was rendered with v-ray 3d max 2013 1,396,192 polys about 30 minutes to render. 1920 x 1080. very quick to model with the right techniques. (5 years and 935 days ago)

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Area 72 - created by randy

Area 72
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A FPS that was rendered in 3d max vray fume fx and post work in PS and AE to get this cool look, and i will tell you how in the sbs (5 years and 801 days ago)

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Night Light - created by randy

Night Light
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made in 3d max and vray its a house at night (5 years and 918 days ago)

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Tennis Bottle - created by randy

Tennis Bottle
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3D max 2013 and key shot. 3 were use to get this render. tennis balls were a last minute idea but hopefully work. (5 years and 989 days ago)

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