Ice cubes - created by Palaekman

Ice cubes
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Created in 3d max 2012 and rendered with mental ray. Composed in photoshop. 1 map used for environment which comes with the program. (5 years and 1400 days ago)

Award - created by Palaekman

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Created this in 3d studio max 2012 with the programs original materials. (5 years and 1809 days ago)

Abandoned - created by Palaekman

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Created this with 3d studio max and mental ray renderer. Post-processing in photoshop (blur + brightness).

Thanks to Regis Le Roy and cgtextures for the metal material. (5 years and 2031 days ago)

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Pencil - created by Palaekman

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Uploading this in the last seconds :)

Created in 3ds max with original materials/textures. (5 years and 2269 days ago)

Living room - created by Palaekman

Living room
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Used basic lights as mr area omni lights and mr area spot light. (5 years and 2318 days ago)

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