Rise From The Atlantis - created by Lamantine

Rise From The Atlantis
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Modeled in Bryce 7.0 (5 years and 2162 days ago)

The Purple Feeling - created by Lamantine

The Purple Feeling
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(5 years and 2137 days ago)

Aurum - created by Lamantine

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~All that glitters is not gold~

My first 3D entry using Bryce. Hope its OK. (5 years and 2175 days ago)

Paint Molecules - created by Lamantine

Paint Molecules
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My very first 3d entry, created in Cinema 4d using a reference tutorial (5 years and 2366 days ago)

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At Sea Level - created by Lamantine

At Sea Level
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~At Sea Level~ (5 years and 2174 days ago)

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