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In this 3D contest your goal is to model and render a really nice looking sort of logo of your own username here on pxleyes. Add around it or whatever you like, but your full username has to be visible somehow. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Toothpick134

itgik: So I take it this is not an anonymous contest. Also do we have to use the username we have on here? ( 5 years and 1873 days ago )
Lamantine: I guess so. ( 5 years and 1873 days ago )
LKY: It would be better if we have to design our avatar in 3d instead of username ( 5 years and 1873 days ago )
Toothpick134: Yeah the contest is not anonymous, I wrote that in the suggestion but the mods must have not included it And yeah itgik, your entry would have itgik as the main focus and around it some cool designs that would make up your logo. It's a bit like when you see on movies where they have like the company's intro moving a twirling about...Only in this contest it would not be animated but just a normal rendered image Hope this helps! ( 5 years and 1873 days ago )
Aloisnin: Interesting ( 5 years and 1872 days ago )
Warlock: Would have been more of a challenge and a bit more interesting if you had to make your own text in stead of using the text tool..... ( 5 years and 1872 days ago )
Toothpick134: Well I guess you could try to make your own text if you really want to ( 5 years and 1872 days ago )
AdhirAnimator: Can we use Photoshop brush on Username Logo - 3D Contest?

Means can we composite final text in Photoshop? ( 5 years and 1871 days ago )
Toothpick134: I'm not sure... I'm waiting for the Mods to answer that one Adhir ( 5 years and 1870 days ago )
Contest Moderator: The standard 3D rules apply here. Which means PS can only be used for TEXTURE editing and WHOLE image post processing. This means no compositing in PS. Unless apply occlusion maps to your final render. . ( 5 years and 1870 days ago )
secretsather: How many entries can we post? ( 5 years and 1870 days ago )
AdhirAnimator: Thank you for answering my question. ( 5 years and 1870 days ago )
Ory: We can have up to 3 entries each secretsather ( 5 years and 1870 days ago )
mircea: guess a lot of ppl will keep their entries as an avatar ( 5 years and 1858 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Stencil and Quills - created by Missy

Stencil and Quills
Favs: 7SBS: 9Hi-resRank: 1/33Score: 60.7% (35)10727 views

(5 years and 1865 days ago)

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Luxury - created by Warlock

Favs: 4SBS: 13Hi-resRank: 2/33Score: 60% (30)7648 views

(5 years and 1860 days ago)

james paul - created by jamespaul

james paul
Favs: 3SBS: 7Hi-resRank: 3/33Score: 59.8% (25)9604 views

superfast modelin in MAYA..
some extrudin
some boolean
some this n that (scalin n all) lol :D
don knw much of lightin n texturin
(i`m expectin d gurues here to guide me on that :) will b in tuch soon :)

was neva goin to submit this had not ma sis had insisted n made me promise to do so lol :d crazy she :D

by the way this is ma very first entry in 3D is not a pro so plz lemme knw how can i improve..coz i really want to :) (5 years and 1858 days ago)

Born to free - created by borntofree

Born to free
Favs: 5SBS: 2Hi-resRank: 4/33Score: 59.3% (20)9463 views

Cinema 4D 11.5

Credit: (zachd1_618)

(5 years and 1867 days ago)

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Secretsather - created by secretsather

Favs: 3SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 5/33Score: 59.1% (15)7785 views

This was a fun one. (5 years and 1870 days ago)