Autumn - created by Missy

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Modeled in 3ds max and rendered in Mental-ray. (5 years and 1600 days ago)

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Attraction - created by layerstack

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(5 years and 1603 days ago)

dimension METAL - created by amaf

dimension METAL
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Perfume bottle Design inspired from the metals dimension , the pyramidal geometry expresses stability and strong of metal constitusion. a cold and fresh sensation become irresistible! (5 years and 1592 days ago)

Strinker - created by tioilmo

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The idea would be to call it Stinker, but I decided after a misspelling keep the name as Strinker, even though the word has no meaning. This allows me to invent a meaning for it and I decided that the "tri" indicates three times Stinker, or Strinker. (5 years and 1598 days ago)

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Mist - created by Ory

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