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perfume bottle

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I started modeling the small container. The idea would be to create a very small bottle, because the best perfumes come in small packages.

Creation of Strinker: Step 1

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Once I've created the fluid that was a copy of the internal format of the bottle and textured using the resources of the renderer LuxRender.

Creation of Strinker: Step 2

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I tried to make the cover including the little straw that pulls the scent from the bottom of the bottle.

Creation of Strinker: Step 3

step 4 of 6

As I said in my presentation of the perfume, the name was the result of a typo because I wanted to say Stinker and ended up writing Strinker. I used the word authoring capabilities of Blender and then turned on the mesh to apply materials in which case I chose the golden color.

Creation of Strinker: Step 4

step 5 of 6

The perfume box is just a blue cube with the lid and mark in gold to make a link with the color given to the perfume.

Creation of Strinker: Step 5

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Before anyone ask me what makes that pencil in the scene , I just put it there to give the idea of ​​the size of the perfume bottle which would need look small comparing to something.

Creation of Strinker: Step 6

Final result

Creation of Strinker: Final Result

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