Mask - created by Missy

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Modeled in 3ds max 2011 and rendered in V-ray. (5 years and 1360 days ago)

$1500 an ounce is why - created by lchappell

$1500 an ounce is why
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(5 years and 1357 days ago)

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Venom - created by mircea

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Please see the SBS and high res.

My computer crashed a few times during the water and goal simulation. Unfortunately didn't had the firepower to use a higher density of nparticles and get a more acurate water simulation.. (5 years and 1354 days ago)

Voslin - created by vosya

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(5 years and 1359 days ago)

Perfume M - created by vosya

Perfume M
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