Mushroom Cloud - 3DS-Max Tutorial

Mushroom Cloud

A 20 minute in-depth intermediate tutorial on how to create a nuclear explosion in 3Ds max 4 and onwards without additional plugins.

If you are using an older version, use editable mesh instead of editable poly & activate animate on the mesh and directly deform it instead of using morpher.

This tutorial will hopefully teach you how to:
* model a mushroom cloud using splines + lathe + editable mesh/poly
* make 3 explosive materials using displace, diffuse & cellular maps
* make blend materials and apply UVW maps
* animate and morph a mushroom cloud using morpher
* model some fences using splines + extrude
* create a camera shake using dummy + noise position controller
* create an exploding particle effect using pCloud + pBomb
* add a radial blur to the camera
* add an object blur to the particle system
* add a glow effect to the head of the mushroom cloud
* make your own SFX in Audacity
* play sound in 3ds max

Download the 3DS file HERE
( submitted: 5 years and 3021 days ago )

Part 1

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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