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Wide Angles – Broaden Your Horizons - Photography Tutorial

Digital cameras and zoom lenses go hand in hand. When shopping for your new camera, chances are one of the first features the salesman mentioned was the power of the zoom lens.

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How to Shoot Using Wide Angle Lens - Photography Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create amazing effect using Wide Angle Lens. Choosing a rather common object and making it an interesting image can be a challenge. In this tutorial on using a wide angle lens we do just that. It’s just one way of accomplishing the task but it is very effective. Follow along in the tutorial and you will learn how to change the look of your still life by just changing the lens. Our lighting is also simple and easy to understand. We use one clamp lamp through a diffusion tissue. Your digital camera is set on a semi automatic mode so making the exposures is easy too. By following our lesson you will soon discover many options for shooting your image. Let your creative energy go and you will be amazed at the results.

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