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About the Depth of Field - Photography Tutorial

What is depth of field, what affects depth of field, and how can we use an understanding of depth of field to take better pictures? This tutorial will make everything clear from near to far.

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Understanding... Exposure Compensation - Photography Tutorial

Most digital cameras provide exposure compensation. What is exposure compensation -- and how do we use it to obtain better exposed pictures? This tutorial makes it all clear.

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Understanding Your Camera - Photography Tutorial

Most people out there love using their camera. It’s great fun to snap away regardless of where you are or what’s in front of you. If you are ‘most people’ though then you probably just leave your camera on auto mode. 90% of the time this is the easiest way to photograph. However, you’re missing out on a huge range of features on your camera, and, even if you don’t think you’ll need or use them, simply understanding them will make taking a photo a much better experience.

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Understanding Focal Lengths - Photography Tutorial

Understanding Focal Lengths - photography tutorial.

The focal length of a lens has a huge impact on your images and is one of the most important tools in your creative toolbox.

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Understanding Exposure Compensation - Photography Tutorial

As you learn digital photography you’ll find terms that leave you wondering what on earth they mean. One of them is exposure compensation and sometimes known as aperture compensation or Ev. A technical term, but if you understand it will help make some of those good images great.

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Understanding White Balance - Photography Video Tutorial

A not so brief rambling designed to teach the elusive concept of white balance. Find out how to make your pictures look true to life with these simple concepts.

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