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Get Your Exposures Right with Spot Metering - Photography Tutorial

All digital SLR cameras today come with a built in light meter. The TTL, or Through The Lens meter is a crucial tool that helps you get exposures right. However, it is only a tool and it can and does give you wrongly exposed photographs is you follow its readings like a holy book! Let us look at spot [...]
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On Camera TTL Flash: Tips - Photography Tutorial

If you’ve bought a DSLR (digital SLR) hoping to take almost professional-looking pictures indoors, you’re halfway there. Just remember NOT to use the built-in flash that comes with your DSLR.

You might have also heard that a speedlight (external flash unit) will improve your pictures dramatically. Again, you’re halfway there.

The other half of the story is how you use these tools. They are not miracle machines, because you need to be able to use them correctly to get professional-looking results.

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Bottles on White Background - Photography Video Tutorial

In this tutorial we would like to focus on the most essential technique of: Photographing Bottles on White Background. Different beverages require unique approach based on consistency and color of beverage and the shape of the bottle. In this tutorial we selected a group of classic low shoulder red wine bottles.

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