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Get Your Exposures Right with Spot Metering - Photography Tutorial

All digital SLR cameras today come with a built in light meter. The TTL, or Through The Lens meter is a crucial tool that helps you get exposures right. However, it is only a tool and it can and does give you wrongly exposed photographs is you follow its readings like a holy book! Let us look at spot [...]
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Understanding Camera Metering and Exposure - Photography Tutorial

Knowing how your digital camera meters light is critical for achieving consistent and accurate exposures. Metering is the brains behind how your camera determines the shutter speed and aperture, based on lighting conditions and ISO speed. Metering options often include partial, evaluative zone or matrix, center-weighted and spot metering. Each of these have subject lighting conditions for which they excel-- and for which they fail. Understanding these can improve one's photographic intuition for how a camera measures light.

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Light Metering System - Photography Tutorial

Understanding light metering system is one of the most needable knowledges in digital photography cause it gives you a starting point for determining exposure settings in different lighting situation.

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Digital Camera Metering Modes - Photography Tutorial

How to use metering modes - When to use matrix, pattern, evaluative, center weighted metering, spot and partial metering.

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Metering - Photography Video Tutorial

This is a tutorial describing how the metering system works and what it does on Nikon DSLRs. The camera used in the tutorial is a Nikon d300.

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