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Tips for Beginners - Photography Tutorial

Before going to our own ideas (with oddities and extremes), you should know there is a pretty standard list of useful tips. Here what we think that every beginner should learn as basics and every advanced photographer at least should keep in mind. Read on...

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Getting the Light Source Right - Photography Tutorial

Lighting is the single most critical factor in determining the quality of any photograph. Although with digital cameras you can edit after the fact, such features are limited and it is more effective to assure that you get the best exposure when taking the shot. The amount of light on the image sensor, or exposure, is determined by the opening/closing of the aperture, the length of time that the shutter is open, and the amount of light present. For the purposes of this article, the discussion will be limited to working with and enhancing the light present for the shot.

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Getting Started - Depth of Field - Photography Video Tutorial

Experiment with one of the most creative tools in the photographers arsenal - the depth of field.

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