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Capturing Dynamic Photos With a Panning Effect - Photography Tutorial

Have you ever wished that there was way you could capture the sense of motion in a still picture? Well, today, using just our camera and a special technique we're going to learn just to do just that. Panning is the art of tracking a subject with your camera - blurring the background, while keeping the subject in sharp focus.

We'll be walking you through the equipment required, how to choose a subject & location, ensure the background is appropriate, and pan smoothly!

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How to Blur Water for a Dreamy Effect - Photography Video Tutorial

DSLR Tips: How to blur water for a dreamy effect.

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Experimenting with Bokeh - Photography Video Tutorial

The first of 4 tips and tricks videos for EOS Photo5 2009. Derived from a Japanese noun, 'Bokeh' simply means blur. In photography however, its an experimental technique that has been around for decades. Watch the video to find out more about this interesting technique, how to use it and the effects it can deliver.

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How to Blur Backgrounds on Portraits - Photography Video Tutorial

Learn how to blur backgrounds on portraits.

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