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Modeling iPhone4 - 3ds-max Tutorial

In this video tutorial for 3dsmax I will show you how to model the Apple iPhone4 using a reference. At the beginning we will prepare our scene with the reference pictures and place it them into 3DsMax. We will start the modeling process from a box creating a rough shape of the model using poly-modeling technique. Slowly and step by step we will form the shape of the iPhone4 and start tu inset more and more details for the buttons and plugs which are on the phone. We will also use Photoshop to create and edit our texture for the model and use post-production to improve our final render.

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Treasure Chest 3d Model for iPhone Game - 3ds-max Video Tutorial

A behind the scenes look at actual 3d models created for and used in DVide Arts game "Crusade of Destiny". Learn to create a 3d treasure chest from the beginning using 3d studio max.

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