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nisha gandhi is a 35 year old girl from India. Her Pxl age is 5 years and 2695 days. She was last seen 5 years and 6 days ago.

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avatar langstrum
langstrum says:

Thank you Nisha, I really appreciate that, and I wish you the best things for this year. Happy new Year!!!

(5 years and 1756 days ago)
avatar RIPSAW
RIPSAW says:

HI Nisha!

(5 years and 1758 days ago)
avatar Giallo
Giallo says:

Thanks Nisha

(5 years and 1760 days ago)
avatar orientallad

Merry Christmas Nisha and happy holidays

(5 years and 1762 days ago)
avatar fatz8016
fatz8016 says:

Thank you very much for the congrats and the Fav!

(5 years and 1775 days ago)
avatar orientallad

thanks for the fav and the congrats

(5 years and 1787 days ago)
avatar langstrum
langstrum says:

Thank you Nisha for your congrats on my recent painting. I always appreciate your supports ^^

(5 years and 1807 days ago)
avatar RIPSAW
RIPSAW says:

(5 years and 1811 days ago)
avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

Thanks for the fav.

(5 years and 1812 days ago)
avatar orientallad

congratulations for the 3rd place and welcome back

(5 years and 1812 days ago)
avatar itsdesign
itsdesign says:

Thnx for the fave

(5 years and 1814 days ago)
avatar AdhirAnimator

Thank you...

(5 years and 1816 days ago)
avatar RIPSAW
RIPSAW says:

(5 years and 1860 days ago)
avatar Momof4boyoboys

thankyou for the fav. on my "eyes" drawing

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar kushpatel
kushpatel says:

thanks for your support..much appreciated

(5 years and 1874 days ago)
avatar Hayato
Hayato says:

Massiveblack is not mine, it's Andrew Jones', located in California, but it's our company back then in early 2007, I moved to Asia to spread the words of the company. First China, Shang-Hai. Then, rite now, I'm trying to make a clients in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia & much more to list.

Thanks for looking at it, the works on MB were from many friends, corporate team projects within me as well.

(5 years and 1903 days ago)
avatar HexaNode
HexaNode says:

thanks for fav, nisha...
anyway your portfolio looks great too =D

(5 years and 1904 days ago)
avatar RIPSAW
RIPSAW says:

Beautiful avie

(5 years and 1908 days ago)
avatar tk
tk says:

hi nisha! thanks for adding me to your friends list

(5 years and 1908 days ago)
avatar Hayato
Hayato says:

Hey Nisha, I've seen your blog yesterday. But unfortunately I don't have any personal blog nor website, even facebook nor DA. I don't do things like that not because I'm cocky. But I always had no time to manage them. While being busy, I always try 'steal' my time over here at Pxleyes because this website are so friendly & relevant to my interest.

Thanks for asking me, if you had a MSN, just PM me. I would like to chat with you to share inspirations & experiences about Graphic Art.

(5 years and 1914 days ago)