Calmness.... - created by nishagandhi

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I feel animals are the most expressive ones and i love animals here is my sketch..hope u like it.. (5 years and 2001 days ago)

Happiness - created by nishagandhi

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My sketch of Lord Ganesh is a symbol of happiness...hope u guys feel happy after seeing this sketch (5 years and 2000 days ago)

Car - created by nishagandhi

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This is one of my old sketches....sorry I dont have references....I used to draw like its only photoshop , photoshop and photoshop ;)

sbs is a quick one (5 years and 1365 days ago)

After the stage show... - created by nishagandhi

After the stage show...
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(5 years and 1597 days ago)

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Innocence... - created by nishagandhi

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this is one of my very old sketches..hope you like it.. (5 years and 2002 days ago)

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