In another world.... - created by nishagandhi

In another world....
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made in bryce and adjustments made in photoshop cs2 (5 years and 2183 days ago)

In the Future.... - created by nishagandhi

In the Future....
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Made in bryce 5.5...
no outside sources used...
used ps for minor color adjustments

The buildings will be built even in water!!!
We can move from one planet to another with the help of UFO's....and there will also be flying cars too!!!!

(5 years and 2134 days ago)

COOL.... - created by nishagandhi

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made in bryce 5.5 and color adjustments in photoshop (5 years and 1898 days ago)

Beautiful rainbow - created by nishagandhi

Beautiful rainbow
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water and air..
done in bryce 5.5 and minor color changes in photoshop (5 years and 1725 days ago)

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