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Lilac For Women - created by George55

Lilac For Women
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Thanks to starmist1 from flickr, for the beautiful pic of the lilacs. (5 years and 534 days ago)

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avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Good color, but we wouldn't see the top of the stopper at this angle.

author says:

Perspective trouble again...! When am I going to learn? Thanks Bob, I lowered the top down, hope it looks better....

(5 years and 534 days ago)

CMYK46 says:

Looks good now.

(5 years and 534 days ago)

avatar JannaR
JannaR says:

Nicely done! Good attention to the clarity of the bottle, (that you should be able to see the flowers through it).

avatar CorneliaMladenova

Lovely work. Could make a beautiful advertisement poster

author says:

@JannaR: Thanks for comment. I realized the transparency of the bottle, but it is late to make changes. Will keep it in mind for other works.....
@ Cornelia: Thanks for your support my friend.!

avatar lincemiope

bravo. very elegant

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Syringa - Lilac - created by Eladine

Syringa - Lilac
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Highres view recommended!

Syringa (Lilac) is a genus of about 20–25 species of flowering woody plants in the olive family (Oleaceae).
The usual flower colour is a shade of purple (often a light purple or lilac), but white, pale yellow and pink, and even a dark burgundy color are also found. The flowers grow in large panicles, and in several species have a strong fragrance.
Source: (5 years and 960 days ago)

avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

Excellent work, very lovely!

avatar amn
amn says:


avatar Cino
Cino says:

great work

avatar tnaylor21286

Very nice author! Very creative idea!

avatar enblanco
enblanco says:

Awesome work, good luck!

avatar erathion
erathion says:

Beautiful work author...Superb usage of very hard source of luck

author says:

thnx Mossy, Amn, Cino, Tnaylor, Nator and emblanco.

Yes Nator it Was a lot of work I have turned every little flower to give the panicles a unique look and each panicle contains between 40 and 60 layers of flowers. But I enjoyed making this a lot.

Thnx Erathion, you are right it was a hard source to do something different with.I wanted to do soemthing different but I got this idea after 2 attempts of creating a leprechaun that failed.

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

Very nice work, author, the background could be a bit lighter to see the stems better, but your sbs shows you've got a lot of patience, good result Love the individual little flowers!

author says:

thnx pearlie, yeah i was a little bit in doubt there wheter to make it lighter or not. I have created this entry overnight.. several nights actualy When everyone is asleep i have finally peace of mind else I would not be able to find that patience.. With a 1and a half year old running arround, I cant find that peace during the day.

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