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Zippers can be the gateway to some of the greatest things imaginable, now it's your turn to go wild with creativity. Add a zipper to anything, and make sure that something great is contained inside. (What's inside a cat? Or what's inside a seed?) Go zipper crazy! Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: ponti55

PSA2009: Awesome!!! i love the sound of this one... should be some great chops to appear here!!! ( 5 years and 3032 days ago )
CMYK46: I'm just waiting for imitations of zipper pics I've seen a hundred times.... ( 5 years and 3032 days ago )
elficho: me too -.- ( 5 years and 3032 days ago )
ponti55: yeah, but we'll know who the good ones are when we start seeing original work, which i assume will have to be later this week. Good luck everyone. ( 5 years and 3032 days ago )
DanLundberg: This contest should really have been titled "unzip it." ( 5 years and 3032 days ago )
Akassa: Wasn't this contests hosted awhile ago? ( 5 years and 3031 days ago )
nasirkhan: Yes, Akassa. It was hosted on old PST in the first week of Mar 2009 ( 5 years and 3031 days ago )
ponti55: Oh dear.. sorry about that, i wasn;t around in the PST days i only joined about 2 months ago i think, i apologise for the repetition. ( 5 years and 3031 days ago )
Eladine: o.o; i dont really get whats behind the zipper in some works.. but yeah we have a lot of creativity here ( 5 years and 3028 days ago )
scratzilla1: i did not know where else to post this message so i hope here is ok. IF the author who wanted to create the zipper heart still has time, here is a link for a heart .. ( 5 years and 3027 days ago )
pratikmehta10: Why am i unable to upload my images for this contest...It shows 3 entries to upload..but when i actually upload it lands up on the same page....I have two entries for this contest....somebody please help me... ( 5 years and 3026 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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pxlita - created by Verikakis

Favs: 27SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 1/19Score: 71.9% (42)16779 views

(5 years and 3029 days ago)

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Wolf in Sheeps clothing! - created by freejay

Wolf in Sheeps clothing!
Favs: 2SBS: 2Hi-resRank: 2/19Score: 63.3% (30)17030 views

(5 years and 3032 days ago)

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Here I Come - created by candicemugford

Here I Come
Favs: 3SBS: 5Hi-resRank: 3/19Score: 61.9% (25)12331 views

Well my husband has been teaching me alot about photoshop ( you will know who he is when you see my name ) and i felt i was finally ready to make a profile and submit a pic myself.

This took me a day or so to make, and im really excited about the outcome!

hope you all enjoy it as much as i did making it! (5 years and 3028 days ago)

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Zipper Kangaroo - created by nasirkhan

Zipper Kangaroo
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(5 years and 3031 days ago)

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Something Original? - created by dante

Something Original?
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no offense intended, but if CMYK46 did not comment that would be original....

All done with renders from MAYA (5 years and 3032 days ago)