demon dog - created by SHIPLEYGIRL

demon dog
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Rabbit from Hell - created by PSA2009

Rabbit from Hell
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Still chasing butterflies! - created by BlueSparkle

Still chasing butterflies!
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This "demonic" lamb still likes to chase butterflies... it might have been turned evil, but there's somethings you can't change...

I used some warping and liquefying on the horns and the mouth... (5 years and 2601 days ago)

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Hellicious Hound - created by kyluvlee

Hellicious Hound
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Hell hound...I know there's plenty!!! (5 years and 2603 days ago)

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Nice Kitty Kitty? - created by jscyphers

Nice Kitty Kitty?
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This may be a look from the view of a kill from the cute kitty.

The source image is one of my imges. Please note step 10 for all meta data on this image.

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