Behind the Smile ... - created by thecreative

Behind the Smile ...
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I read in a book " subtle.." so ...

Thank you to one of our own PST memebers for the image.. mqtrf (5 years and 2602 days ago)

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Tucker - created by robk

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BOOGA BOOGA - created by GolemAura

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Basset from Hell... - created by kyluvlee

Basset from Hell...
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Lots of layers here, but basicall just blending and textures... (5 years and 2606 days ago)

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durtle - created by slayyou

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check out HIGH res
low res looks like ****

The helish equivalent of the cockroach, the fire durtle is almost inposible to get rid of once the have infested a sulfur pit the are atracted by the cries of stray damned souls.
geting rid of them is imposible so just make sure you clean up your place!

more stock cuz there is something wrong with ur website
it goes in this order the stock item then name of stock giver then stock url

celtic skull stocko
sea turtle blckbaronstock
rock purple elf stock
rock wall crossMirage
smoke crojet

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