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You have been hired to design and market a new brand of candy that the kids will go crazy for. Come up with some original concepts of your own, and present how the candy will look as well as the packaging it will be sold in. Score points with originality, try and create something that doesn't exist on the candy shelves today.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

arkncheeze: oh sweet contest lol... ( 5 years and 3130 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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SmilieZ - created by loopyluv

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Instant mood transforming gum for kids :)

WARNING: Not to be taken by adults, severe silliness may occur ;)

(This was one of my old entries, but I changed it..pls view SBS..Thanks) (5 years and 3123 days ago)

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kaboom! Flavour Explosion - created by Mike

kaboom! Flavour Explosion
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Don't settle with one flavour if you can have them all!!


Oldie one :-) (5 years and 3128 days ago)

nosepickers - created by yahidithmonnalisa

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yum! this was a fun little project...all rendering by me.

(5 years and 3123 days ago)

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Educative tooth brush candies - created by billyboy

Educative tooth brush candies
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Hope the instructional intention of these candies is obvious. Worried only if children begin to eat the real tooth brushes, LOL.

Edit. According to Pixelkid suggestion and to contest goal added a package.

Thanks to Garry Manning and his adorable son.

3DS max
(5 years and 3127 days ago)

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Holy Cow Patties! - created by rednovember

Holy Cow Patties!
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Back again by popular demand. LOL. Holy Cow Patties!

*Surely you remember this one, Wazowski! Your criticism got it where it is now. Any other advice?* (5 years and 3129 days ago)

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