Chicken Coop Coupe - created by GolemAura

Chicken Coop Coupe
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source and my pic for reference (5 years and 3120 days ago)

Sleepy Dog - created by apaul713

Sleepy Dog
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Chickdog (5 years and 3125 days ago)

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Morning After - created by Dragoncide

Morning After
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This is just an entry as a joke was the first thing that came to mind. poor thing looks dead to the world, and im sure some of us have felt that THE MORNING AFTER!!! and probly looked like that too. but if by some miracle this wins the contest LMFAO!! i would have to say everyone has a great sense of humor LMAO.

I am going to do a serious one later when i have more time, spent about 10min on this one.

All source image. Verbal SBS right here.
1. made clouds using the custom shape tool and picked the clouds, filled it with filter>clouds
2. blurred it
3. applied Linear Burn for the cloud effect blending
4. added the text (5 years and 3127 days ago)