A Bad Year To Grow Chickens - created by George55

A Bad Year To Grow Chickens
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This was a bad year to grow chickens, nobody knew why they were dying after hatching. There must be an outbreak of any kind. These chicks were abandoned in the forest, just to the side of the road....

Image of the wooden box thanks to CMYK from Pxleyes stock (5 years and 3123 days ago)

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what's inside ? - created by estate23

whats inside ?
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i used an image of zipper for a faster way :P

thx â–º http://www.sxc.hu/photo/406263 (5 years and 3127 days ago)

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ReLoaD - created by SOLARIS

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do you know that sceen from somewhere? :-)
well, i had inmediatly the sceen from terminator2 in my mind as i saw the source.

i whish i could say no chichen was harmed, but unfortunally every chicken is going to die, unless „John Chicken“ could save the whole farm from CHICKENSMENT DAY“


Reload has been Reloaded!
by the way, thanks for your comments, (wassnt really that helpful, but thats ok)

let me just say something about creativity.

creativity is a wonderful thing, even in the "uncreativety" is creativity. you just need to stumble upon.

may my thought is to hard to see, or to close to catch.

you know, it´s not that far away.
there are chickenfarms,
and there´s judgementday over and over, every single day.
and guess what, no one escape!
How could they? how should they?
may as a robot, because robots are the only specie that´s above us
in the "chain of food".
(what a luck that we control them) , o.k. ... until they´ll kill us all of course.

may it´s more creative now. unless the chop-add i mean.

but at the end it dont cares, eyery chicken is going to die,
god made them to get fried by us. didn´t you know that?

so by the way,
watch your food, it was alive

and, no, im no vegetarian, i love chickens, (in special the skin)
but i also know about what im eating. (just to share that with you)

so see what you see, do what you do,
but if that entry will make it to the top tree, may John "chicken" Corner
have enough creditpoints, to step up, went to the next pawn shop around
to buy:
-the powerfullest weapon he can get
-load it with extrapower or ammo
-more ammo (he propably never use, cause he save the good stuff
for a big boss he´ll might needs it for, .... but mostly there arrent.)
-a better armor, the chickensuit doesnt worked as you can see.
-and dont forget a rope and a torch!

you allways need a rope and a torch.
if not used in lifetime, than to tell your trainee testamentical
that HE needs definitely THIS rope and torch, because you died of not
using it. he will believe you. Trust me.

but with that pack John chicken may could nuke them all.

just joking,
i dont take any responsibility for your votation. :-)
(just to clear that)

have fun! :-) :-) :-) (5 years and 3127 days ago)

brownies - created by digifix

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freshly baked brownies
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micro - created by digifix

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looking at a bug through a microscope
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