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The theme for this contest is to convert a piece of cockney rhyming slang into an image. An example of cockney rhyming slang is, Jam Jar, meaning car, so you could make an image of a jam jar on wheels or perhaps strawberry tart, meaning heart or even Richard the third meaning....well, you get the idea. There are many sites on the internet that list the many variations of rhyming slang such as So, pick one and make your image.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

GolemAura: oh boy, this is going to a very interesting contest, I can't wait to see what peeps come up with!!! ( 5 years and 3017 days ago )
GolemAura: from the first two entries, we can see where a lot of our magical beings and folk lore come from.. zowie!!! ( 5 years and 3016 days ago )
Nator: Are you kidding me....cockney rhyming??? ( 5 years and 3016 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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ice = white mice - created by anatole

ice = white mice
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(5 years and 3011 days ago)

oh my god! he's brown bread - created by tommo08

oh my god! hes brown bread
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brown bread = dead

tried to be light hearted about a serious matter i.e someone being dead. Hope I haven't offended! (5 years and 3010 days ago)

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Elephant and Castle - created by Paulus62

Elephant and Castle
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Apparently, elephant and castle is cockney rhyming slang for 'parcel'. (5 years and 3017 days ago)

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Dog and Bone - created by kyricom

Dog and Bone
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Cockney slang for telephone is "Dog and Bone"

Thanks to planetka, graphiteBP, and sykicktb - all from (5 years and 3012 days ago)

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open your mincers!! - created by tommo08

open your mincers!!
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mince pies = eyes (5 years and 3016 days ago)

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