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While we have always been told not to play with our food, this is our chance to have some fun with it for a change, You know all those vegetables and fruits we didn't like and had to eat. L'ets be a little creative with them. You can build anything you want, be it a house or even a fish, but it must be made with vegetables or fruits, Lets be naughty and play with our food for a change!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: tapiona

Paulus62: Is it me, or are most of the entries so far missing the point of the contest? It says 'build something' not merge fruits together.. ( 5 years and 3085 days ago )
tapiona: they are missing the theme, while nice work , it not what theme means. Build a replica of effiel tower with carrots, a bridge with pretzel sticks, a castle out of mashed potatoes, is that so hard to understand? ( 5 years and 3085 days ago )
tapiona: Wow, do people even bother to read what a theme is supposed to be, I mean both authors and voters, none of you seem to read what the theme is and what you are supposed to be seeing. ( 5 years and 3084 days ago )
RickLaMesa: since when are pretzels vegetables? ( 5 years and 3081 days ago )
andrej2249: pretzels are food, and the title is "Food play" ( 5 years and 3081 days ago )
bbunni1404: OHH NOO , , my fruits been removed ( 5 years and 3080 days ago )
mariosilva: ye mine also and i can´t but nothing else i dt know why ( 5 years and 3079 days ago )

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Pear Cottage - created by philister

Pear Cottage
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This one was quite fun to make...hope you all enjoy it!! (5 years and 3081 days ago)

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Fruity Beauty - created by andrej2249

Fruity Beauty
Favs: 1SBS: 9Hi-resRank: 2/8Score: 60.7% (30)13168 views

Thanks to:
ppreacher for the watermelon,
m_a_essam for the green grapes,
jeti87 for the lemon,
chris27 for the pear.

Here are the rest of the sources:
Cherry & Blackberry:
Red Apple:
Green Apple:
Orange Apple: (5 years and 3082 days ago)

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Appfel Tower - created by rednovember

Appfel Tower
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"Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to see a bizarre attraction! I give you... The Appfel Tower." :D

**SBS is up**

(No outside sources) (5 years and 3083 days ago)

Cucumber Racer - created by solkee

Cucumber Racer
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Didn't have much time to make this but I like it anyway.

Thanks to cwcav for the car reference.
Thanks to lusi and just4you for the cucumber images. (5 years and 3081 days ago)

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soup - created by kozjaca

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ay hate soup (5 years and 3083 days ago)

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