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Goldilocks and The Three Bears Picture

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Many fairy tales have animals in them. For example little red ridinghood, the wolf and the 7 goats, Alice in wonderland, the ugly duckling, the frog king, the princess and the frog, the twelve brothers and many many many more. The goal of this contest is to take a picture of an animal and create an existing fairy tale scene, making the animal the main/important part of the image. Dress them up and give them the expressions and environment needed to make your fairytale scene. If you can't think of any fairy tale, heres a list. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fairy_tales. It cant be too hard to find one where an animal has a leading role in it. Try to be unique and don't take the most commonly used ones so you stand out. I like to see something we dont see so often.


Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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Goldilocks and The Three Bears - created by velkanx

Goldilocks and The Three Bears
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the fox and the crow - created by demi

the fox and the crow
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Faithful Toto going to see the wizard of Oz. - created by George55

Faithful Toto going to see the wizard of Oz.
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BAMBI and friends - created by George55

BAMBI and friends
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Bambi, a Life in the Woods

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Bambi, a Life in the Woods.

Bambi book cover.jpg
First edition cover of the original publication

Felix Salten

Original title
Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde.

Whittaker Chambers



Ullstein Verlag

Publication date

Published in English

Media type
Print (hardcover)


Followed by
Bambi's Children

Bambi, a Life in the Woods, originally published in Austria as Bambi: Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde is a 1923 Austrian novel written by Felix Salten and published by Ullstein Verlag. The novel traces the life of Bambi, a male roe deer, from his birth through childhood, the loss of his mother, the finding of a mate, the lessons he learns from his father and experience about the dangers posed by human hunters in the forest. An English translation by Whittaker Chambers was published in North America by Simon & Schuster in 1928,[1] and the novel has since been translated and published in over 30 languages around the world. Salten published a sequel, Bambis Kinder, eine Familie im Walde (Bambi's Children), in 1939.

The novel was well received by critics and is considered a classic, as well as one of the first environmental novels ever published. It was adapted into a theatrical animated film, Bambi, by Walt Disney Productions in 1942, two Russian live-action adaptations in 1985 and 1986, and a stage production in 1998. A ballet adaptation was written by an Oregon troupe, but never premiered. Janet Schulman published a children's picture book adaptation in 2000 that featured realistic oil paintings and many of Salten's original words
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The Bremen town musicians - created by Zizounai

The Bremen town musicians
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