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A Trip to Grandma

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Depict a scene from your favorite fairy tale.
Make sure to mention the fairy tale either in the title or description.

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A Trip to Grandma's House - created by drystenx

A Trip to Grandmas House
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Red Riding Hood took a trip through the forest to visit her dear old Grandmother, but things weren't as they seemed. (5 years and 400 days ago)

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Apple my dear? - created by robvdn

Apple my dear?
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"Snow White" is a German fairy tale known across much of Europe and is today one of the most famous fairy tales worldwide. The Brothers Grimm published it in 1812 in the first edition of their collection Grimms' Fairy Tales. It was titled in German: Sneewittchen (in modern orthography Schneewittchen) and numbered as Tale 53. The Grimms completed their final revision of the story in 1854. (5 years and 402 days ago)

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The Wood Cutter's Children - created by Drivenslush

The Wood Cutters Children
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Hansel and Gretel are alive and well
And they're living in Berlin
She is a cocktail waitress
He had a part in a Fassbinder film
And they sit around at night now drinking schnapps and gin
And she says: Hansel, you're really bringing me down
And he says: Gretel, you can really be a bitch
He says: I've wasted my whole life on our stupid legend When my one and only love was the wicked witch.
She said: What is history?
And he said: History is an angel being blown backwards into the future
He said: History is a pile of debris
And the angel wants to go back and fix things
To repair the things that have been broken
But there is a storm blowing from Paradise
And the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards into the future
And this storm, this storm is called Progress
~Laurie Anderson (5 years and 407 days ago)

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Snow White - created by CorneliaMladenova

Snow White
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Created in Photoshop. Used Pen Tool, Ellipse Tool, Soft Brush, Smudge Tool and lots of Layer Styles. (5 years and 392 days ago)

Little Mermaid - created by LIONSDEN

Little Mermaid
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(5 years and 403 days ago)

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