All left is memories - created by detractor

All left is memories
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Everything is possible... - created by Photoshopper

Everything is possible...
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Everything is possible, when you want to get your football back.

Sources used in this image can be found in the step by step, they are my own property. (5 years and 1006 days ago)

Thornless roses - created by Eladine

Thornless roses
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Not used a source or even as reference, just adding it to the description. I don't feel the image is finished but time is running out. (5 years and 1001 days ago)

3-D Photo - created by libertysgems

3-D Photo
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My first attempt at out-of-frame work, helpful advice would be welcome! (5 years and 1002 days ago)

The perfect shot - created by Hct3400

The perfect shot
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